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Is BuddyPress compatible with iMember360 Membership Tools

  • joshdthomas1


    We employ iMember360 for managing our membership service in WordPress and need to know if we will be able to control access to topic, forums and sections accordingly. I presume BuddyPress integrates into the users section of WordPress when installed as a plugin as well.

    The iMember360 system does allow for level controls on items registering in as a post/page or reclassified post/page items. Basically if it has an editor and gives full WP options it can have the access restrictions setup.

    We are also looking for a system to replace: Community Forum Software by IP.Board 3.4.2, it is very hard to update with all of our current integrations and often breaks as a result.

    Some of the features are also used a lot by our members, like the Threads/topic-tree in forums/topics and such services.

    For reference:

    My last questions is there any plugin to be able to import our current forums, topics and threads, etc… into BuddyPress if we are able to migrate?

    Any answers would be appreciated as we do not want to have to go through a whole setup and dummy design to test and then find it will not be compatible 🙁

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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