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Is merging 2 rather similar .po files into one a right approach?

  • ganbat


    Hello community,
    I use the latest stable version of WP and BP.
    I’m trying to translate a wordpress/buddypress theme into a relatively rare language which has no translation avail at WP and BP translation pools. The theme features that it’s translation-ready with a .po file and when i strictly follow its translation instriction i get a strange result. The theme’s WP related words and sententes are mostly translated while entire BP related strings are still in English.
    What i have done so far:
    -i compared the theme’s .po file with buddypress .pot and the theme’s .po file misses about two third of the buddypress strings. So i tried to merge the two files but unfortunately POEDIT removes many important strings saying they’re obsolete. Still, is this ‘merging’ idea a right approach to fix the problem?
    Besides, BuddyPress translation codex says that it must be placed at wp-content/languages/ while the theme’s translation codex says that the translation files must be at the theme’s language folder.
    Could anyone possibly give me a hint?

    Many thanks

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