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It’s a long, strange road; where do we start?

  • Paul Gibbs


    Where do we start? I’m a big fan of release early, release often, and for that to work, we need a roadmap – not just of code to write, but also research and discussion and what conclusions we need to proceed.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    I agree that iterative releases are the best approach–in terms of software and plans.

    We need to put together a brief vision statement for our work. To do that, we need to decide the basic purpose of our work. @arxpoetica‘s thread will help us better decide stated goals and accrued user benefits. At that point, we can craft our vision statement. See thread:

    With the vision clearly determined, we can then chart our course–in terms of measurable goals, strategies to achieve each goal, action items required to accomplish each strategy, roadmarks to mark progress, and deliverables (versions and release dates).

    As with all well-managed plans, we need to remain flexible in approach and execution, allowing for the fact that the plan itself may evolve as we gain better insights into what’s possible and what works. Thus, our plan should be produced in an iterative process as well. Our vision should stay unchanged, but the road to that vision may, and probably will, change throughout the course of our work. We are in uncharted territory and do not have pre-cut and paved roads on which to travel. So our journey may be rough at times and require changes in our initially-perceived direction. The ultimate goal (our vision), however, will remain the same.

    So, let’s work on discussing / answering / debating / augmenting the issues that @arxpoetica raised in his thread then craft our vision. From their, we can create a simple, flexible strategic plan. As the first version of the plan, it should be no more than two pages in length. Future versions will be shorter or longer depending on what we learn as we proceed down our untamed path.

    Paul Gibbs


    Honestly, all of the threads so far list various competing and complementary specs into providing aspects of a distributed social network. I don’t even have a working knowledge of the majority of these, although some i.e. FOAF I have experience in. It’s such a huge area that it would take months to get even the basics in place.

    Therefore, my specific interests are more localised; to provide FOAF and SIOC RDF documents to export user profiles, and importers to suck them into another BuddyPress-powered website. Sort of like the WordPress export/import blog workflow.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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