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js error with tabs on user’s geo settings screen

  • osx, safari 5.
    error is TypeError: Result of expression ‘jQuery(‘.tpp_form_container #tabs’).tabs’ [undefined] is not a function.

    comes from tpp_options_form.php line 50, uncommenting this function solves the error but not tabs are then shown.

    probably comes from your last fix to the tabs and the collision with gravityforms tabs.

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  • We are in the process of uploading gPress – once this is available for download, could you please re-confirm if this is still happening, and whether it is isolated to Safari and (or) Gravity Forms …?

    i still have this issue.. i disabled gravity and still have it to.. and it also happens in firefox. i’ll have to lok better if it comes from some other plugin, will let u know.

    On which page do you see the problem, the gPress Options themselves? Hard for me to do much else until I can replicate your problem…

    frontend, where a user/member would edit their profile/geo settings:

    Strange… I tested with MS, without MS, in Firefox and IE with Gravity Forms 1.4 installed and could not replicate any form of error – can you confirm the versions of everything you are using? Can you also re-confirm if it is the theme or some other plugin conflicting with gPress, which may in turn be conflicting with your set-up?

    What are you using to de-bug, where exactly do you see this error? FYI – I am using Firebug…

    I’m using safari on mac and debugging using the built in safari/webkit debugger.

    It gives the same error on my theme as well as on the default buddypress theme.

    turning off plugins didn’t solve this issue. plugins which I use:
    archives for category.
    CMS Tree Page View.
    custom post permalinks.
    Disqus Comment System.
    Gravity Forms.
    Posts 2 Posts.
    Wordpress Logger.
    WP LESS.
    WP No Category Base

    The exact thing i see in the error is:
    `geo:317 TypeError: Result of expression ‘jQuery(‘.tpp_form_container #tabs’).tabs’ [undefined] is not a function.`



    Have the same issue.

    By deactivating Buddypress-Ajax-Chat gPress works!

    How we can solve this? Neet Buddypress-Ajax-Chat too…

    Vakantie Ameland


    Same issue here. When I go to the Geo-Settings page of a user (admin or author or subscriber e.g.) I get 2 tabs: Your Location and Your Settings. Both are clickable, but do not function, url of the tabs are ~/settings/geo/#tabs-1 and ~/settings/geo/#tabs-2 …. So I can not change these settings nor can I add a location for logged in user. General Map for Foursquare is showing when I go to an overview map on the frontpage.

    I feel your pain – and hope to be able to spend the time to move the options into normal WordPress fashion, but for now, the framework I am using has allowed for rapid development, but so much reliance on jQuery…

    tabs[undefined] implies that jQuery UI is not loaded or loaded twice.

    Can those with errors confirm if this is the case?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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