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KMZ files

  • Ken


    Great work and fantastic plugin.

    I would love if there was a way for users to uplaod KMZ files and have them displayed in a map for each user. Currently this is possible with another plugin however I can not run both at the same time as gPress doesn’t show a map in the back end. So how can my users show a KMZ file via gPress? Ideally all users will have control over their own KMZ files or they could be admin uploaded or loaded from a remote url as temporary solutions. Any suggestions and thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

    Also description in Places has a char limit. Wouldn’t it be better if there was no char limit and a dotted line after the 100 chars appearing on the map. Or it would be good if there was a text field that would make it possible to show a normal post appear bellow the map. So Places will be a normal post but just with a map on top of it.


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  • Importing KMZ files should be relatively simple, but deciding what to refer to them as is another matter, but from past experience, trying to customize KMZ or geoRSS / geoXML data is a real nightmare, and more often than not almost impossible to manipulate marker images and window content – so am ultimately worried about the results not fitting-in with the overall look and direction of the plugin as a whole, but please sell us on it. Why is this so important to you, how many individual end-users out there keep there KMZ files at hand…?

    Is this more for treks, trails and tours…?

    Or is it merely for the ease of use for importing and exporting data:

    Now that gPress is growing, its even more important that the features we build will benefit as many people as possible, and that everything is going in the right direction…

    For example, at the moment, I am working under the assumption that WordPress posts and pages should remain just that, posts and pages, for text and images. The geo-tagging feature gPress has for posts is only included as it is the only way to presently communicate with gPress via a mobile device using native WordPress mobile applications.

    I see places as just that, places. Not a way to add information about your journey to or experience with that place, but just the place itself. The future of gPress is one with multiple layers, where posts and pages will be able to add places, and treks, trails and all the really good stuff is all going to be relevant to what it is. And in this case, a place is just a place.

    What’s important is that we really work on the BEST ways of TRULY defining a place. The reason the description has limited spacing at the moment is not only to ensure that the information that will then be displayed in the window for that marker is clearly visible, but also so that is will be social-media compatible and be capable of pushing to Twitter and Foursquare. Perhaps focusing on these social-media elements is better suited for gPress plugins, and am sure that is the way it will go, but before heading in that direction we first need to confirm what a place really is.

    If we can keep things simple, that is always best. Drop down boxes, radio buttons and other intuitive interfacing needs to help users categorize a place. At the moment, this can only be done through the native WordPress features, such as adding place categories, place tags and featured images.

    We will need to introduce our own unique data types to help better clarify a place.

    But what really describes a place, and a place being generic?



    Thanks for the detailed answer and sorry for the delay.

    Is this more for treks, trails and tours…?
    Yeah sort of. There’s a really small (presumably simple to implement) plugin called Geotag that can do this – display a KMZ file. So what I am really trying to achieve is show route with stops along the way. A marker on the map is useful but it doesn’t indicate things like direction, duration, etc. Currently the only way I can think of implementing that is by saving a KMZ file with route information and then uploading. Another thing is live updates. Say you wanna add a live feed from your gps to a google map. No idea how to do this currently, but I would love to be able to show that on a wordpress blog. I think lots of people will have use for something like that. So it is not about the KMZ files specifically but ability to show a more meaningful geo tagged information. I would love to have a history or maps of future routes and trip information. This could be used over the board and if it is made on a more generic level then people will go crazy with it. So how can this be implemented? I think just displaying a premade KMZ file is the simplest most basic step in that direction.

    As to places, that makes sense and I never realized that I could add a map on a post with the small icon on the top. Since I can do that it really doesn’t make any sense to add more information to places, so yeah this works as expected. Actually can I import a map of a place in a post? This should be possible.

    One of the 0.2+ features we will be introducing will be adding “places” to posts (and other activity streams), and connecting the dots between places registered within trails is something we have planned for version 0.3+

    If only I could work all day all week on this incredible project – alas, I have the weekends.

    Adding KMZ integration in the meantime might be useful – depending on how long of a detour it would be – but again – it is very worrying that the KMZ files cannot be edited and or manipulated in anyway similar to how we could manipulate that information if it was all stored in WordPress, so perhaps you could help me understand what kind of information would be useful for a trek and trail.

    At the moment, I only see coordinates, and way-points associated as places or check-in points – i Have a lot floating around on the drawing board, but not being an active explorer (as I once was), I may not necessarily be as up-to-speed as someone as yourself, who could help guide the development of such features by explaining what information would be essential to an OpenSource trekking system in regards to the way-points, check-ins routes and so forth?



    Well ideally you could show live gps feed on a wordpress blog. I don’t know if there is a standard way of exchanging such data.

    Instead of thinking of Places you could think of Trips or Routes as well. This would be a connection of a few places that might or might not be registered as Places already. So for example a Place is just a location on the map, a Route is a connecting line running through a few Places and while the 140 char limit description of each Places is contained within it a Route could have several 140 char descriptions. Each for each stretch between two places.

    It will be extremely useful if you could associate different objects to different places. Say photos, blog posts, events, etc as well as to different stretches along a route. In this case Places and Routes are generic and then blog posts and photos are contextual. So each user might have her own photos and blog posts associated with one and the same Route or Place.

    I think it will take some more work to make it as elegant as possible but for starters let’s say a Route will be a connection of Places. So if you want to create a Route within WordPress you select a few Places (from a map interface or a drop down) set one of them as a Start Place and another as an End Place and each step in between and have a map show I would guess straight lines between each of Places. Then you can associate blog posts and photos for the whole Route as well as for each stretch between any two places and each place. Every user should be able to create any of those and post them as public or private. What do you think?

    I think that we are both thinking along the same lines. We do have plans that match this (as just the first step), where we even hope to extend how one can pass between routes using different forms of movements, such as walking, driving, climbing, etc – each with its own way of mapping the connection.

    As gPress gets closer to reaching version 1, this will become evident, but unfortunately, the 0.2+ series of gPress is focused on fine-tuning the geo-tagging posts and places and how they are used and displayed within WordPress and BuddyPress, where BuddyPress will need directory-based maps as opposed to route-based maps.

    Once we move on to version 0.3+ our focus will turn back to this side of things, which is the REAL reason we started this project in the first place. Hope you have the patience and thanks again for any and all feedback and support you’re providing.



    Fantastic I will be on the look out for updates. Thanks for your hard work.

    Will close this topic – and look forward to hearing from you again when we reach the 0.3+ series! :-)

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