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language file

  • igor123


    hi everyone,

    does someone know how to get another language file installed in buddystream instead of english?
    i put a new own translated language file in the language folder of buddystream, but nothing happens.

    thank you

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  • i am not a developer just someone using BuddyPress. I think the reason your activity stream is still in English, because activity items are saved into the database in the language that is in use at the time of the event. So even if you switch languages, it won’t affect past activity stream items, only future ones.



    Thanks nuttmeg!
    I haven’t thought of this, but it sounds good.
    I will test it.
    But my other problem is that the “authorize with facebook” area under settungs is still in english.

    There you can find the sentences:
    You can setup facebook over here.
    You may setup your BuddyStream Facebook integration here. Before you can begin using Facebook with this site, you must first authorize Facebook by using Facebook’s Authentication Service. Click the link below to begin this process:
    Authorize with facebook

    I cant get this replaced the language file. Maybe I use the wrong language file name.
    The standard file is called Do I upload my new language film e.g. with the name That doesn’t work.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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