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  • lespaul


    Hi, great plug-in! Is it possible to make a translation file for use in different languages?

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  • 0815


    i have no idea!!! you wrote in the readme.txt “The plugin is fully internationalized.” but i find no way to change the languages!!! need help too!!!!



    The plugin looks very good! … but there seems to be only ONE language “english”!



    You’ll have to create the language file that Boone can use to translate it. “The plugin is fully internationalized.” means that you can provide him a file that translates the plugin for that language. If he didn’t code it right, you wouldn’t be able to do that. So, someone will need to pull down all the words that need to be translated in the plugin and translate it for the language you want. Then, provide boone the file (I think it’s a .mo or something file) for him to incorporate in future releases.



    OK! You are right! The most texts are prepared for translation

    Maybe the following lines in the code should be checked:

    bp-activity-subscription-digest.php :
    ==> line 14: echo “Scheduled: ” . date( ‘h:i’, $sched );
    ==> line 17: echo ” Until: ” . $until;
    ==> line 188: /* Action text – This technique will not translate well */

    > is this meant to be fully internationalized ???
    ==> line 189: $action_split = explode( ‘ in the group’, ass_clean_subject_html( $item->action ) );
    ==> line 248: $action = str_replace( ‘ started the forum topic’, ‘ started:’, $action ); // won’t translate but it’s not essential

    > If this text is used in output … it also should be translatable!

    in bp-activity-subscription-functions.php :
    ==> line 38: $message .= sprintf( __( ‘To disable these notifications please log in and go to: %s’, ‘buddypress’ ), $settings_link );

    > Why is “buddypress” used as text domain ?

    > On every other place “bp-ass” is used as text domain !

    > see also lines 99+100, 207+208, 520, 889-891, 895, 901

    > If these are texts, which are used in buddypress core code,

    > you cannot be sure that the text will be present in future

    > bp versions … or maybe it will be changed ==> than

    > Your text will not be translated!
    ==> line 49: if ( $group_status == ‘sub’ ) // until we get a real follow link, this will have to do

    ==> line 50: $message = str_replace( ‘To view or reply to’, __(‘To follow, view or reply to’, ‘bp-ass’), $message );

    > If ‘To view or reply to’ was translated before,

    > this replace will not work
    ==> line 388: bp_core_add_message( __( $security.’Your email notifications are set to ‘ . ass_subscribe_translate( $action ) . ‘ for this group.’, ‘bp-ass’ ) );

    > This is a bad idea for translatable texts! poedit and the translater

    > will not know, how to translate variables ($security) or results of

    > functions like ass_subscribe_translate( $action ).

    > This should be changed!
    ==> line 628: $link_text = ‘Follow’;

    ==> line 629: $title = ‘You are not following this topic. Click to follow it and get email updates for new posts’;

    ==> line 632: $link_text = ‘Mute’;
    ==> line 633: $title = ‘You are following this topic. Click to stop getting email updates’;
    ==> line 635: echo ‘nothing’; // do nothing

    ==> line 639: $title = ‘This conversation is muted. Click to follow it’;
    ==> line 643: id=”{$action}-{$topic_id}”>{$link_text} this topic“;

    > “{$link_text} this topic” will not be translated
    ==> line 746 to 750:
    // this feature of adding quotes only happens in english installs // and is not that useful in the HTML digest

    $subject_quotes = preg_replace( ‘/posted on the forum topic /’, ‘posted on the forum topic “‘, $subject );

    $subject_quotes = preg_replace( ‘/started the forum topic /’, ‘started the forum topic “‘, $subject_quotes );

    if ( $subject != $subject_quotes )

    $subject = preg_replace( ‘/ in the group /’, ‘” in the group ‘, $subject_quotes );

    > if it is not usefull, why is it there ???
    ==> line 758: echo ‘

    Email status: ‘ . ass_subscribe_translate( $sub_type ) . ‘


    ==> line 925: add_submenu_page( ‘bp-general-settings’, “Group Email Options”, “Group Email Options”, ‘manage_options’, ‘ass_admin_options’, “ass_admin_options” );

    > shouldn’t the texts “Group Email Options”

    > and “Group Email Options” be translatable ??
    ==> line 1031: $freq . ‘_hrs’ => array(‘interval’ => $freq * 3600, ‘display’ => “Every $freq hours” )

    > shouldn’t “Every $freq hours” be translatable ???

    in bp-activity-subscription-main.php :
    ==> line 12: $this->name = ‘Email Options’;

    Will the english texts in the JavaScript file bp-activity-subscription-js.js correctly translated?


    Boone Gorges


    Thanks for the feedback, Guido. Some of the strings you make reference to are not meant to be translatable, but in the case of others it looks like I just missed something.

    As for the Javascript strings, I’ll probably do what BuddyPress core does and print the translatable strings in a script block in the page footer so that they can be internationalized.

    I’ll have a look at those str_replaces. There should be a straightforward way to fix them too. Stay tuned for fixes.



    @boonebgorges Any news about the localization of this plugin? I could translate it to german and give it back to you!

    Are there plugins or programms, that scan a plugin, to create a .pot file?


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