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    Over the past year, BP-Media has grown from a small, informally run open source project into an important tool that people depend on.

    We now have FIVE coders on our development team (foxly, francescolaffi, fanquake, dmikam, and chestnutjapan), a UI Designer (annunaki), and some new members in training.

    People now run very, very large sites using BP-Media, and many other developers use BP-Media’s code in their own plug-ins. These people need up-to-the-second information about where specific features are in the development process. We hope you find these resources useful:

    #1 – Project Tracker

    This is a link to our online project management app. It shows what order we’re planning to complete our current tasks in, and how long we think each task will take. As with our other project assets, the tracker is “live” and changes many times a day …in fact you can actually watch in real-time as we type and move things around …it’s very cool

    #2 – Twitter Feed

    Our project tracker now posts live updates to Twitter.

    #3 – Issue Tracker

    This is a link to our issue tracker. It tracks all of the current defects that users have reported in the various versions of the plugin.

    #4 – Issue Tracker News Feed

    This is a link to our live news feed. Every time the status of an issue tracker entry changes or project source code is updated, an item is posted to our news feed. We also have machine-readable feeds, available here:

    We hope these tools will give everyone the information they need to manage their development projects.

    For more information on how we manage the BP Media+ project, please see the Wikipedia Article


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