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Let’s give credit to the BP Media team..

  • I just thought I would re-post something I originally posted on BuddyPress Test Drive, since it seems to be a recurring topic raised by people who are perhaps less familiar with the commercial process of building software.

    My answer was in response to a comment about the BP-Media project being a disappointment (I assume in regard to the time it’s taking to be launched).


    You need to stand back and understand the dynamics of this situation. The BP Media team are a professional team of developers who are working on the project full-time and being financed commercially by a paying client.

    We (the great unwashed) will be getting a commercially developed plugin for FREE at the end of the day, but in the meantime the project will be driven by the timescales and functional requirements of their client.

    No project runs to schedule, sometimes because it’s not well managed or the developers have underestimated the work load, but more often its due to scope-creep where client and developer move towards the release in iterative steps, redefining requirements as they test and learn.

    Ultimately it depends on the underlying requirements upon which the project was commissioned. From my standpoint (and probably most other BP users) I’d have been happy with an enhanced version of BP Album+ which was capable of handling seperate user and group albums, but the scope of BP Media is much wider than that (it includes all forms of media, not just images) and with such a scope it’s easy to see why the timescales have extended.

    My ‘slight’ concern is wondering what kind of growing pains will be involved when integrating BP Media into all the other interalted plugins and functionality, then when you throw BP 1.5 into the mix I can imagine this will have added some additional unforseen time into the mix.

    I was going to level a criticism then I’d say they were biting off too much in one chunk (it’s a complete redevelopment of the whole media handling functionality), but then I’m not paying for the main project, so it’s impossible to pass judgement without first understanding those requirements.

    I can empathise with the frustration, but I don’t agree that we have any reason to be dissapointed.

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