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Link to images users can post up like Image Shack

  • JordashTalon


    Here is a feature I thought might be cool, have a textbox with a link to the Thumbnail / full size picture so users can use uploaded images in their Forum posts and other places on the net.

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  • JordashTalon


    To Clarify I meant have the text box with image links on the full view of the image.




    BP Media does not include functionality for getting a link to a raw images stored in the cache, which are the “images” you see on the single media item page.

    There are several reasons for this:

    1) Cached versions of an image may or may not exist. For example if the user links to the “large” version of the image, it may or may not be in the cache, depending on how popular the image is.

    2) Providing direct links to the physical image file bypasses the privacy settings on an image. A user may only want to share an image with their friends, but if you provide the secret URL to it, anyone can access it.

    3) Allowing people to hot-link your images costs you ad revenue. It lets them display the image on a potentially competing site while you’re paying the bandwidth bill and not getting any ad impressions.

    4) It makes it difficult to serve images using a CDN (content delivery network).

    We do, however, provide a function for getting a link to the image hosting page, bp_album_picture_url() if you want to display that, and in the future we’ll probably add oembed functionality so other sites can embed small versions of BP Media content with proper back links to the media item page, as well as short code functionality for embedding images in BuddyPress forum posts.

    We put in a considerable amount of research before deciding on this implementation. For example …Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Imgur, Twitpics, and MySpace only provide links to the item page, not direct image links.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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