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Linking CubePoints to an Ad Manager

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  • Gert Steenkamp


    I would like to use cubepoints as the platform for an ad managing plugin.
    My ideas:
    Let users/members be able to create ads/banners and then ‘pay’ by using their Cubepoints.
    The ads must be visible on the site in posts and sidebar
    The ads must have a expiration date, and points must be deducted for the size, length of use, etc.
    The ads must rotate so there is no ‘preference’ for specific member
    Different size ads for different points e.g 125×30 banner = 100 points, 125×125 ad = 300 ponts

    This should boost the PayPal integration as members will need to topup their points more regularly



    Interesting idea. Not sure how to go about that right now though.



    @thatmatters Teveel gehyved?
    If your not dutch, never mind.

    Gert Steenkamp


    @xberserker I believe that I’ll need a separate plugin for the ads. but one tht will check if the member has points available, allow him to create the ad and then subtract from his points account (depending on his type of ad that is)

    @Xevo I am actually Afrikaans (a combination of Dutch, German, English and some French), which is a language spoken in South Africa (I do understand most Dutch words, but some like ‘gehyved’ is unknown)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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