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List ”THE BEST” web-hosting provider for BuddyPress websites that provides this?

  • rickkumar



    Lets list “THE BEST” web-hosting provider for BuddyPress websites that provides this criteria:

    – Unlimited Unique Domains on a single account (,, and so on)
    – Unlimited (or extremely cheap) and fast Bandwidth. At least tells us up front what the additional bandwidth cost will be if our sites use a lot of bandwidth?
    – Unlimited (or extremely cheap) and fast Storage … could be off line storage in cloud such as Amazon EC2 etc.At least tells us up front what the additional storage cost will be if our sites use a lot of storage?
    – Secure real-time backups such as WordPress/Automattic’s own

    I “really” love what offers….it is great, But they don’t offer unlimited domains/bandwidth/storage on a single account.

    I won’t mind paying reasonable price but need all the above for peace of mind.

    BuddyPress sites can use a lots of bandwidth/storage because of the media (photos/videos) etc that users upload/play. Paying overages can cost quite a lot, so it is good to have a host that lays out the pricing upfront.

    Please list your best web hosting providers that you find (only if they meet the above criteria).

    Lets help all members by keeping this post up to date on best hosting providers.


    I like V

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  • You’re asking for the world and you’re not going to get it! :)

    Unlimited everything but you don’t want to have to pay too much for that?

    Any host that offered all you asked for is one to consider steering clear of.

    You need a VPS and the understanding that if you want RELIABLE hosting it has a price; peace of mind has a cost attendant to it.

    One important thing to grasp with hosting and servers is that there is NO such thing as ‘Unlimited’, it’s cheap marketing ploy.




    I understand your comments about unlimited:)

    I think you missed the point I was making.

    I just want to know upfront what will be the cost if my “storage” and “bandwidth” exceeds my plan.
    Many hosts provide the cost for using extra “bandwidth”.

    Unfortunately, I have not seen any host that tells you what they will charge if your “storage” exceeds the plan.
    My concern is that BuddyPress sites will have media (photos/videos) etc and there is a good chance that storage offered by many hosts will not be enought.

    It will be great if web hosts provide upfront cost for additional storage.


    Yes I would expect to get a clear answer if I asked the question of data transfer overage costs, usually it’s no more than the odd pound/few dollars per GB

    Storage is another matter I would expect that most hosts simply set a limit. You can’t go over your physical storage allocation as it is a finite resource We have a few servers , one of which is a Plesk vps with a few IPs one of which I use where simple name virtual containers are required, obviously the server has a fixed amount of disk space and if I set up a domain I also limit the space they can use they can’t go over that.

    A good host will answer your questions if asked even if they don’t perhaps make it clear enough initially, and I would always ask just so I had a record to keep.



    So how does one get around the limited storage if he/she needs lots of storage for all the photos/videos that people will upload in to BP sites?

    Lets say my webhost provides 100GB storage, and I need lot more because users are loading so much media. Now what will happen? What is the solution? Is there some thing out-of-server/offline storage for this extra media? What is CDN storage?

    Sorry, just trying to understand :)

    Yep you would store on the cloud, set up CDN storage. look at Amazon S3 storage:



    Thanks @hnla

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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