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Localization / Translation : Error “Empty PO data”?

  • elexem


    hello, all;
    not sure if this is a problem of BuddyPress or Loco, but
    all of a sudden, BuddyPress can’t be translated using Loco anymore;

    attempting to open the language via /wp-admin/admin.php?path=languages%2Fplugins%2Fbuddypress-{lang}.po&bundle=buddypress%2Fbp-loader.php&domain=buddypress&page=loco-plugin&action=file-edit results in “Error | Empty PO data”. :/ I’m fairly confident this worked earlier (as I’ve done some translating per loco already).
    This happens with any other language file as well.

    WordPress version is 4.9.2, running Jannah 2.0 Theme,
    BuddyPress version is 2.9.3
    Loco Translate is version 2.0.17

    Loco translation confirmed to currently work translating .other. plugins still. Hence I’m guessing soemthing fell dropped in the gears of BP. TIA – LX

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  • bekim001


    I have the very same problem. Gives me the “Error: Empty PO data… “. Does anyone know what is going on and how can it be fixed?

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