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Login redirect except for friend requests

  • Mahmoudibrahim


    im using the latest versions of wordpress and buddypress on my site, and ive got the Buddypress Login Redirect plugin active. and because of this when a user receives a friend request in their email, and they click the link that says “view your friends requests” and then log in, they get redirected to their profile page, not the “friend requests” page. If you turn the plugin off, then the friend request link works, but on normal login the user is presented with a page with links to Dashboard, Profile (which is the wordpress profile not buddypress )

    any idea how i can have it so when a user logs in normally it redirects to profile page, but when a user logs in via the friend request link, it takes them to the “Friend Request” page ??

    thanks in advance, sorry for the wall of text.

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