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Long-term paid BuddyPress Developer needed

  • jeffreygaudette


    I’m looking for a BuddyPress developer to help implement ongoing improvements to my BuddyPress site. I want someone who is going to work with me and not just take simple and implement instructions like one might find on Odesk.

    I would like someone who could provide 3-6 hours of ongoing work per week on issues like updates, troubleshooting and general maintenance. In addition, I would want to add on 5-6 hours per week here and there to implement specific projects and improvements. In general, I am very flexible on deadlines and hours as long as you’re willing to communicate your timeline and availability.

    Likewise, the perfect candidate will be someone who is going to be able to work with me to improve my site, so in addition to performing specific tasks, I would love someone who would be able to provide their own suggestions or work through the site and fix issues they experience.

    My site is: I provide training schedules to runners looking to race marathons, half marathons and any distance in between. We use BuddyPress to provide a supportive community to our athletes and want to give them the absolute best and most effortless training experience possible.

    Please email jeff [at] if you are interested. Include in your email your hourly rate or preferred compensation arrangement. Thanks!

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