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Looking for a BuddyPress expert who is good at styling / CSS

  • jamesja


    Hello all,

    After installing latest version of BuddyPress, there are some styling errors in my theme (on profile pages, username is shown twice). I cannot change theme, so I want those styling errors to be fixed. Besides that, I also want to have custom login/forgot password pages, want to add a strong CAPTCHA on registration page, change email address from “” to something else, edit the message that is sent after registration, have login username and password fields in header or widget or somewhere. By default, there is one field for username and other for display name, I want to remove/disable display name field.

    I am currently using WordPress 3.8.

    There can be few other requirements too and my budget is up to 600-700 USD.

    If you are interested and think you can help me out, then please contact me at">

    Thank you.

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