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Looking for BuddyPress developer

  • jsindorf


    I found a listing for you online…

    I want to build an online social community for missionaries and their families, friends and supporters. This would be a way to quickly and easily share news and advice about regions of the world, current mission status, health & travel information, connecting with others who have interests in the same areas.

    This could be built in facebook, but there are many of these missionaries who work in areas where they are very concerned about their privacy and being vigilant that their mission work is not noticed by groups that would oppose their presence in their countries. So, facebook is out, since there are many security concerns there. But, I want much of the functionality of facebook with the addition of multiple forums and groups.

    I also want to offer translation between major languages, so the page content, and user generated content, could be read by someone in a language of their choosing.

    It would also need to have a registration page that requires the user to choose a payment amount for a chosen amount of time and with various payment options. It also needs a place to put in a discount code so some users could get this for a reduced or free price.

    Oh yeah, and I want it to be responsive so it plays well on mobile platforms and tablets.

    I’d like to talk to someone about building this site. I think it could be a good use of BuddyPress. But I’m not the guy to build it — I don’t have those skills — I am the guy with the vision to get this done, and who will need to find the funding.


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