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Make Email Customization a separate plugin

  • The feature Email Customization is awesome and much needed. To be able to customize easily texts and look and feel of automatic BP emails is key.

    This could (should?) be a plugin by itself. Ideally, this is part of core!

    1) Most emails to customize are not related to “welcome”, ie, the registration process, such as “ABC sent you a message”
    2) Easier UX / ease of use:
    – Email is a different wp/admin item, and not part of welcome-pack setting
    – when you click on the Set Emails link, you get an error message, if you have not saved the complete plugin “Email confirmation” = on previously
    – one is surprised that emails not related to registrations suddenly are sent in HTML and English (if site was not running in English, this is a big issue)
    – finally, I assume this would ease to enhance functionality, like disabling individual emails, translation of emails, allowing emails to be edited while these are not sent..

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  • Thanks for the feedback, but I have no plans to split email into another plugin. As for core – you’d have to convince two others, but at a minimum I want to try to make some changes in buddypress core so that I can get this to work with other plugins (it’s super fiddly internally)

    Justin Mason


    There is also WP Better Emails that is a stand alone program that allows wysiwyg and html editing. Not sure if these two plugins are compatible but I sure hope so as it would be neat to both customize the message on a per message basis like Welcome Pack and customize the look and feel of ALL outgoing communication.

    Thanks again Paul!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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