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Make Email Customization a separate plugin

  • henrybcn


    The feature Email Customization is awesome and much needed. To be able to customize easily texts and look and feel of automatic BP emails is key.

    This could (should?) be a plugin by itself. Ideally, this is part of core!

    1) Most emails to customize are not related to “welcome”, ie, the registration process, such as “ABC sent you a message”
    2) Easier UX / ease of use:
    – Email is a different wp/admin item, and not part of welcome-pack setting
    – when you click on the Set Emails link, you get an error message, if you have not saved the complete plugin “Email confirmation” = on previously
    – one is surprised that emails not related to registrations suddenly are sent in HTML and English (if site was not running in English, this is a big issue)
    – finally, I assume this would ease to enhance functionality, like disabling individual emails, translation of emails, allowing emails to be edited while these are not sent..

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  • Paul Gibbs


    Thanks for the feedback, but I have no plans to split email into another plugin. As for core – you’d have to convince two others, but at a minimum I want to try to make some changes in buddypress core so that I can get this to work with other plugins (it’s super fiddly internally)

    Justin Mason


    There is also WP Better Emails that is a stand alone program that allows wysiwyg and html editing. Not sure if these two plugins are compatible but I sure hope so as it would be neat to both customize the message on a per message basis like Welcome Pack and customize the look and feel of ALL outgoing communication.

    Thanks again Paul!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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