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Make points recurring?

  • bmk0220


    Hi. I’m not doing something correctly I guess. I create an event (replying to forum post). The user is supposed to receive points each time they reply to a post. However, it only recorded the points for “Unlocking” the event, no more points for additional replies. I not really clear on the award verses event, but event looks like it gives the most options.

    Can anyone help me with how to make these “actions” recurring to allow users to keep earning points?


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  • Nm


    The event based achievements don’t really work that way unless you created an achievement for each point, and you don’t want to do that, can you imagine. Instead you have to let the user accumulate events like replying to a post and then give the lump sum of points at each checkpoint;
    user must reply to a post 10x to receive 10 pts.
    user must reply to a post 20x to receive 10pts. .
    user must reply to a post 30x to receive 10pts. etc. etc

    doing it this way, your points are inline with the amount of times the user has accomplished the event. so it accomplishes your goal of “The user is supposed to receive points each time they reply to a post. “

    to keep earning points beyond what you have already set as achievements, you’ll have to keep creating more achievements
    …user must reply to a post 1000x to receive however many remaining points equal 1000 replies.

    events achievements have actions on the site that can get triggered automatically
    awards, you can give out to the users yourself and are not attached to any site actions.



    Thanks for the explanation. I understand it much better now. I’ll just have to do more creating and planning than I thought.

    Thanks for the help.

    Hi Guys!
    My problem goes in the same direction, but comes from the other side ;-)
    I made an event, which gives 10 points when unlocked for 10 visits (with login) on my site (, but the event unlockes after each 10 visits and not once. So my points are recurring, but I don’t want them to. You can also see here:
    Can anyone help me?
    By the way: The other achievements work properly, and are only able to unlock once as far as I unlocked them yet …


    Vernon Fowler


    I have the same scenario as @netpat84 i.e. constantly accumulating achievements and points for 10 x logins. So far the re-occurrence only appears to be affecting the admin (me) so I’m not too worried but it is annoying. That makes 2 of us noticing the same problem. Anyone else notice this?

    I´m also experiencing this issue. I´m admin and the site I´m working on is still in development so I dont know if it only affects me or all users. Will check it out!

    But, this should be looked into anyway I think!



    Same problem as these three ^

    : /



    Has anyone found a solution for this? I’d really like to have this plug-in on my site! (had to disable it due to users getting multiple achievements everytime they logged in)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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