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Map not showing

  • Vakantie Ameland



    I am using the latest gpress, but something strange is going on. When I want to see a place, like the google map code is in the html source, but the map is not showing.

    Any ideas why this is possible (maybe something missing from the google map code? I am no expert in the google map scripts ), thought anything in the html source shows?

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  • After having looked at your source, it would seem ALL of the JavaScript and CSS (include) files are missing, which should have been included in your header. This usually happens when the wp_head(); tag is missing from your theme file.

    The stuff needed to generate the maps and markers is fine, but all of the included files for Google maps, jQuery and so forth is not there, which is a major problem.

    Can you confirm if the theme you are using has wp_head in the header?

    Need to dash off now for the day, but will sign-up at your site tomorrow and take a look behind the scenes for you if you are still having the same problem by then…

    Vakantie Ameland


    Mark, tnx for looking into it. wp_head is in the header. Solved the mystery, cache css and js files weren’t good anymore (webo-site-speedup plugin), so after refreshing them the map now shows again.

    Have a good day!

    Thanks for confirming that everything was resolved – will be closing this topic now. :-)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
  • The topic ‘Map not showing’ is closed to new replies.
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