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Member Groups Name Modification

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    I would like to do the following:

    I know you can change the name of member groups inside the dashboard, but I was wondering if it would be possible to set this name conditionally, even if requires some modification to the code. (We track this and update when we update plugins).

    For example, if someone has entered a top level group, the “Member Groups” wording would be changed to “Communities”. If they are on a second level group, the “Member Groups” wording would be changed to “Focus Areas”. We don’t allow users to create groups past these so that’s as far as the conditional statements would need to go.

    If you could at least provide a conditional statement for group levels (if one exists), I would appreciate it!

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  • That sounds pretty limiting – what if people want a different name for 4th level groups vs. 3rd level groups, etc.? How would a per-group setting to override the default name work for your needs? It seems more flexible at first glance.

    What do you mean by a conditional statement for group levels? You could check the `parent_id` property of the current group. If it’s zero, it’s a top-level group. A helper function for this could definitely go into an upcoming release.




    Thanks for your reply. Because this plugin allows users to make an unlimited level of groups, placing the naming function into the plugin would probably be a nightmare. The client I’m working with wants to use groups as “neighborhoods”. He’s established the following three levels:

    Regions, Communities, and Focus Areas.

    Each one of these types of groups is inside the other with Regions being the top level group. He would like users to know when they are inside a “Region” as opposed to a “Community” or “Focus Area”. I suppose this could be achieved by checking the parent id of 0 for the regions and then checking the parent id to see if it is one of the regions to determine if it is a community. Then, a focus area would have a parent_id that includes all except those that are regions.

    If the levels extended past three, I’m stuck because I can’t determine a way to identify all of the parent_ids of this set of groups without manually entering them. Currently, we set top-level groups to admin only, second level to admin only, and we adjusted the core code to allow general members to create the third level, but they cannot set the ability to create member groups. It’s automatically set to no one. Because of this, this isn’t a problem we currently have, but in anticipation of our client wanting a 4th level of groups, I’d like to be proactive in a solution.

    A per-group setting would work, but if a general member created a new member and named it whatever they wanted to, we would lose the hierarchy we’ve established.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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