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Member type specific profile fields

  • nipasarkerhd


    Helo My site is which is a mess right now.

    what I want is

    1.An extra fields on registration from.Called Member types.I have four different member types User,artist,promoter,vendor
    2.Then after logging in the members will be redirected to specific profile fields based on their “member type” selection on registration process.I have already created the fields with xprofile fields.
    3.Then after they fill the fileds it will show on their profile.

    I am looking for a good solution for few days couldn’t find any.Please help.


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  • metalhead


    There are many plugins you can use to redirect a user when they log in, like these:
    Peter’s Login Redirect and Redirect on Login.

    But instead of using that junk, you can use wp_login_form to redirect logged in users also. It looks like you have a decent login system – are you using wp_login_form? It’s one of the $args for that function. If you’re not using wp_login_form, there are many other ways to redirect after login also. You want to redirect the user to their profile, (so they can complete addiontal profile fields – not yet filled out during registration, so set the redirecting url to:

    There’s a plugin you can use to control which profile fields are asked during registration, and which ones are asked when a user edits their profile. Advanced Profile Fields <- This one lets you do other very useful stuff too.

    But wait just a minute – Why do you want to make them wait until after they log in to enter the rest of their profile fields? You could use Conditional Profile Fields to make it so if the user selects “User” then it will proceed to ask them questions (profile fields) pertaining to “User.” Or if they select “Artist,” then it will proceed to ask them questions pertaining to “Artist.”

    Unless you prefer to have them sign up before answering those other questions, for whatever reason, then go with that first method I told you about.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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