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Messaging Enhancements

  • metalhead



    I need to hire someone for help with 3 tasks.

    Task 1: I’ve added a menu item using the wp_nav_menu_items hook. I wrote the function haphazardly, and it doesn’t do everything I want it to do.

    It creates a menu item called “Messages” which links to the messages component. It also has an unread messages counter attached to it, to show the user how many unread messages they have. It displays the counter only if there are more than 0 messages.

    The problems with function, are that 1) It doesn’t get styled like the other menu items do, via my theme’s GUI. I can’t get it to display as the current item while the user is at the messaging component. Also, 2) the unread counter only gets updated when the user refreshes or loads another page. I need it to update as soon as another user sends them a new message.

    Task 2: The “Compose” feature allows users to enter multiple recipients. I want to only allow 1 recipient, preferably by making the input box disappear if 1 recipient already exists. (This is to make it so private message conversation is always between only 2 people.)

    Task 3: The “Compose” message process doesn’t check the validity of the To: username until after the user clicks “Send.” I’d like the username to be checked for validity immediately after they click away from the “To:” field. That way, the user doesn’t type a long message, click send, and then get told that they entered an invalid username. (Save them time by checking that before they bother to type a message.)

    Please provide estimates separately for each task, in case I can’t afford to pay for all 3.


    PS) I tried to post this message earlier, but it seemed like it didn’t save for some reason. If I’ve double posted, I apologize.

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