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[Resolved] Missing Buddypress menu in WP Dashboard

  • tbowomen



    WP: 3.5
    Buddypress: 1.6.3

    I have previously installed BuddyPress, had massive theme issues so removed everything and re-installed. I had previously gone through the “installation wizard” and then de-activated and deleted the buddypress plugin.

    I then left it all alone for a month or more.

    Have come back to it this evening, re-installed the buddypress plugin, activated but no “installation wizard” present. Went through the 4 tabbed options but the Buddypress menu in the WP Dashboard is not visible and so I’m a bit stuck from here on in.

    The “forums” page is visible as such but I’m unable to create a new topic or have any form of “admin” over the forum even if I were able to do so.

    Any ideas of what I can tweak to get the installation wizard to run from scratch bearing in mind I have uninstalled and re-installed with no luck.

    thank you


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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