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Modify age tab on profile page for under 18 and under 18

  • sunny0704



    On my site, we have two groups, under 18 and over 18.

    And my site check up their age when they register on my site for the first time.

    Users under 18 should get parents consents.

    But after getting parents consents, they can modify their age or put their age over 18.

    So, When they check their age under 18, I want to show up drop down box on birthdate from 1998 to 2016.

    And for some users who checked their age over 18, I want to show up drop down box on birthdate from older than 1997, 1996, or something like that.

    And most important thing I want to know is the code location for modifying birthdate drop down box for my purpose.

    Would you tell me that code locations? then I will modify by myself.

    I am looking forward your reply so soon.

    Thank you.

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  • danbp



    here is a snippet which let you modify the default year range used by the default drop down.

    Change Year Range of the core Birthday picker in registration page

    If you add a check for users age, you could then fire another drop down selector.
    Something like if( 'year < 1998' ) {... do something } else { do another thing }

    That’s the idea, not the full solution. You have to work on it !

    Read also the ticket mentionned in the topic, perhaps you can try to patch your BP and/or participate to it’s resolution.

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