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More details when requesting group access?

  • Jeaz



    Got a question, is it possible to in some way, add more information when requesting group access. Just having someone requesting access isn’t very informative, so i’d love an option to when you click the request access you get a small form where you have to fill out some stuff, why you want access and so on.

    I’ve looked around but haven’t found a plugin that does this, but maybe there’s a hidden gem that you guys know of.

    Many thanks for any help!


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  • Not out of the box. You’d have to hire a developer to build this for you; I’ve not seen any plugins that do this, either.

    @djpaul is right, there is nothing out there yet so I will also say his advice on hiring a developer is probably your best option.



    Ah ok, shame. Not a budget for hiring people, so guess I’ll have to look at it myself or scrap the idea.

    Thanks for the answers fellas.

    I here you, I decided to start coding my own plugins when there was not something else out there to meet my needs. Learn PHP and read the codex. It is your friend when dealing with WP/BP.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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