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Move administration to back-end and allow custom-templates

  • driz


    Wouldn’t it be better if all the creation and editing of achievements was done in the back-end like all other plugins? It makes no sense that all other WP functionality and BP too are done in WP-Admin but the user has to jump to the front-end to manage achievements.

    The biggest issue this causes is templates, as it means even more pages have to be styled and changed to fit into a persons site design. What’s peoples thoughts on this?

    The second problem is again with the templates, everytime the plugin is updated the modified templates are lost! Perhaps allow user to move them to there own theme? Again another reason why the templates should be simplified and the admin ones moved into the WP-Admin backend so the developer doesn’t have to worry about styling the forms etc. Thoughts?


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  • Nm


    Are you working with a child theme? if not You should be and you can include the achievements templates in your child theme modify them all you want and they will not be overridden come time for an Achivements upgrade.

    As far as the frontend admin to create achievements, I think it’s fine on the frontend. For one only admin sees it that’s a big reason why it matters not where it is and Alot people want that frontend capability.

    I think a achievement creation/manage admin in the wp backend has been discussed before but i don’t know if that is top of the list. you can read more about all the upcoming changes on pauls site…and push your suggestions.

    good luck. and see about those child theme things. :)

    Hi @driz

    You can copy the template/achievements/ directory straight into your theme, and (/themes/your_theme/achievements/) and it will override templates in the core of the plugin.

    Managing achievements from the front end of the site was an intentional design decision. Your statement that “…all other WP functionality and BP too are done in WP-Admin” is not true. For one example, BuddyPress Groups or user profiles are not managed from inside wp-admin.
    One reason for putting in the front end was because of the huge number of people I’ve spoken to who develop WordPress sites, and report that their clients say they want to get everything done on the front of the site (to stay out of the backend).

    When Achievements gets re-written to support custom post types (probably sometime after BuddyPress 1.3 and bbPress 1.0 are released), this is a decision I’ll be re-evaluating.

    For purpose of argument, however, how many people do you think I’d upset by moving it into wp-admin? Keeping in mind the UI would need to be changed to match the standard WordPress styles.




    Didn’t know I could just copy files straight into my own theme :) That’s good news!

    Regarding the admin stuff, while editing profiles may be done front-end, the actual creating the profile fields and that are done back-end. Considering that an admin STILL needs to go back-end to create posts and that, they can’t really avoid WP-Admin, and it just feels annoying to have to switch between to front-end and back-end. But that’s just me. The main reason I don’t like it though is because it means more work for the developer/designer as if it was in the back-end it would just follow the WP-Admin styling and I wouldn’t have to work it into my site design and overide all the CSS and HTML. Plus what happens if you make changes? I’d have to rejig it all back into my site again :/

    Sara Martin


    This is all about child theme if you understand the basic and the basic theme then you must know it without doing hard work.and if problem still persists then contact them they are well it website template and theme

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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