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Multilingual Activity Action

  • James



    Latest WP, BP.

    Can someone please explain how translation of the activity actions works?

    I see this ticket, but:

    Do I understand correctly that, if my current language is e.g. Spanish, action (…posted an update…) will be saved in Spanish and cannot be translated later on other language.

    If activity was saved in English, same action will be translated later on e.g. Spanish.

    Lines “…posted an update in the group…” won’t be translated, even if saved in English?

    If I am correct, why not to save activity actions always in English – this would allow multilingual activities?


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  • danbp


    ola @janismo,

    you got the right ticket and if you read here, you’ll got the answer.
    Feel free to add your comment to the ticket, as it seems that nothing is fixed for the moment. And you’ll probably receive more details directly from one or other dev there.



    @danbp thanks, have to disagree. ticket is closed, so they assume that it is fixed (as I understand this)

    Activity actions – “Joe became a registered member”, etc – are now generated dynamically, rather than stored statically. This means that the data is always up-to-date, and will mean better compatibility with multilingual sites.

    My testing so far:

    ‘posted an update’ – translation works for English -> Spanish, Spanish -> English
    ‘posted an update in the group’ – translation doesn’t work

    Some example for the plugins needed.



    You’re right: it’s closed. Sorry for this. But:

    This ticket was closed on a completed milestone.
    If you have a bug or enhancement to report, please open a new ticket. Be sure to mention this ticket, #3856.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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