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Multilingual BuddyPress

  • evertsaar



    I know this has been discussed in various forms and at different times, but here goes:

    What’s the most practical way to run BuddyPress in multiple languages?
    I’ve been attempting that with free translation plugins along with po-files, but it’s tough work and doesn’t seem to get easier.

    Any previous experience doing that in multisite or with the WPML plugin?
    It seems to me multisite’s the way to go, but I need some encouragement 🙂


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  • summoner


    Well i am just developing my first site that combines BP 2.0.1 and WPML 3.1.5 on a WP-multiste 3.9.1. These are the most recent stable versions.

    I really like WPML because it makes so easy to translate content from one place. BP is also great for building a social network on WP. But combining these 2 is a real hassle!!

    All the conversasions i found are obsolete and just do not work on recent versions.

    There is a plugin called BuddyPress Multilingual (BPML) but that is not working with BP 2.0.1.
    Actually got a dev version of it from but it seems to be buggy yet. However i have the impression the update will be fully functional soon.

    If i am not wrong even BP2.1 will bring some changes that will make it easier to use it in a multilingual setup.

    So right now i think you can get the job done only when you register a site for each of the languages in your WPMU network and install BP as well. The only thing you should know that when BP is activated on the network level, then it generates its specific pages only on the primary site. So perhaps you should activate BP on each of the sites. But this is only a guess from me.
    In this setup you shall not use WPML, because it would just break BP right now. So you can not create the content in one place for all the languages…
    Then you would need join my multisite plugin as well, that way your users would not need to register themselves on each of your language specific BP-enabled sites.

    Be warned that i did not test this setup either, first i want to wait some days. Perhaps they will fix BPML plugin until then and in that case i can achieve the same result but much more comfortable for me.

    It would be great if the community or the dev team of BP would share their hints and some progress in this subject. Simply because all the information that one can find is extremly outdated and they just lead to confusion.




    By the way! Can somebody tell me please if there are native shortcodes like [members] or [activity] that just render the content of these BP-specific pages on any page/post?

    If so, perhaps there is no need for BPML. Would really like to try such shortcodes if they exist.



    Hey! I started using WPML too. It does work pretty well – I’ve ditched all my custom code to find out the current language and have WPML to decide based on its logic (I was using Polylang before, but it ran too late in the setup). I do wish WPML had better multilingual widget functionality and was a little less convoluted.

    Anyway, there don’t seem to be shortcodes for BP. I’ve not been developing the multilingual side of things for a while, but as soon as I start back I’ll post whatever might be of use. I’m assuming you’re looking to have multiple members (activity and so on…) pages in different languages.

    PS! I didn’t go for multisite yet.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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