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My customized version of

  • chestnut_jp


    I finally found the way to introduce each user’s timezone into the plugin.

    Since it will take some time for me to explain, I just put the link to my customized package.

    Main changes:
    1) new words are added to the pot file.
    2) “hint” will show in admin page back-end if you choose timezone from “Manual Offset”.
    3) For people, who choose timezone from “Manual Offset”, the example of time calculation for their wanted delivery time of Daily Digest is displayed.
    4) You do not need to specify timezone in admin panel or even in the script, the timezone you choose in “General Setting” is automatically selected.
    5) In the preview mode, you can see how long will it be until the next Daily Digest is sent, along with your selection of Weekly Digest.

    All these new functions are very much important to make sure if the user uses the correct timezone.

    Note that it is not a bug that you do not see “hint” in admin page back-end, as you select the proper timezone.

    Because the timezone matter is hard to verify by myself, thus I hope many users in many locations test my customized version, which is available at:

    The selected time for “Daily Digest” in admin page back-end is automatically changed to the proper time according to the timezone you choose in “General Settings”.

    So, it may be very interesting to see how the display changes everytime you change the timezone in “General Settings”.

    I hope everyone will find the plugin useful.
    Any comments are welcomed too.

    In order to use my customized version, just overwrite everything to the original plugin. The easiest way is unzipping the package and upload the whole directory to /wp-content/plugins/ via FTP software.

    You can find the place I changed/added by searching the word “chestnut_jp” in the scripts (php files).

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