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Need a SSO plugin connecting Buddypress and Moodle

  • najfeez


    Dear esteemed Buddypress Developers,

    Summary: I am seeking for a person/team to develop a plugin for buddypress that can connect users between 2 sites, i.e. buddypress and moodle. Buddypress is the gateway (users log into buddypress, and there’s a link to a moodle site. When they click that link, they’re automatically logged in as the same user in Moodle).

    Detailed Description:
    This is a learning portal, targeted for students to learn English language through social participation between peers. The buddypress provides a platform for socializing, and Moodle will house all the actual learning materials.

    What I need is a Single Sign On plugin to connect both sites, so that the users won’t have to sign in twice to use both sites at the same time. They can go back and forth between the two sites without the need to re-login everytime, and their username stays the same across the two sites.

    I need this plugin to be a standalone package, meaning that it is easy to configure to be installed in another similar/identical setup, because I might be developing these learning platforms for multiple schools. So it should also provide a nice and simple way to connect between the two sites from the Plugins section of a WordPress admin (backend), for example, i may just have to specify the URL of the Moodle site in the wordpress admin, and the plugin will take care of the rest (connecting the database between the 2 sites, and any other configuration needed).

    Budget: Please quote your price, together with the duration you need to finish the whole project.

    Please email me your quotation at :">

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