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Need BP Developer

  • buddygirl3


    We have created a BP site. We need someone to help with the dummy framework. The basic needs are:

    1. Add logo. The pre-designed area for the logo has to be enlarged to fit our logo.
    2. Set up dummy pages for each of the menu links.
    3. Set up home page according to my specs and create links to correct site pages.
    4. Set Up dummy ads using AdRotate plugin.
    5. Set up Buddypress/bbPress forums with dummy sub-forums and add one dummy thread/conversation under each sub-forum.

    The majority of the work is based on using widgets and plugins so this shouldn’t take too much time. You will need to know CSS in case it’s needed to work with the theme. Most of the work is to set up dummy pages as placeholders.

    Contact me if you can take on this quick project.

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