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Need help…ASAP, please! :)

  • 1) I am having issues with the Ning to BuddyPress Importer. While all the data (e.g. bios, custom profile questions and their answers, profile photos, etc.) has been uploaded, they are not displaying properly. I need some help to get it to display the approximately 800 members and their data. There isn’t a problem with the images importing…they are importing…just not “attaching” to profiles. Can’t see any errors in the log either.

    2) There are a couple of issues with “security” related items on BuddyPress despite the additional plugins to make it private. I need to make 90% of the site private.

    3) Can someone explain the “activity” tab that appears on BuddyPress? Is that option only available to admins, or do all members see the “activity” tab and page of activity feeds?

    4) I’m not sure that the login is working for this BuddyPress install. I need that tested and figured out.

    Please contact me and I’ll give you access (privately) if you want to poke around before giving me a price. I’m estimating that it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 hours— probably less for someone who knows what they are doing!

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