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Need help changing language to Danish

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  • danbp


    Have you tried with a wordpress default theme like Twenty Sixteen ?

    Is unique and in the right directory wp-content/languages/plugins/ ?

    Do you have other plugins which are not translated ?



    Thanks for that. I was indeed missing the mo/po files – maybe they aren’t automatically installed unless the translations are 100% complete?

    Anyway, I downloaded them from and uploaded to the directory you mentioned and it works now.



    Glad you got it. And you’re right. Translation is not installed when it is not completed to 100%. It is also not automatically updated when uncomplete.

    To avoid translation interuption: keep a copy of the one you currently use in a safe place outside of the language folder.

    Note also that most of the new strings coming with BP are in the backend. Unless there is a new feature, strings for frontend are rarely modified.

    Best is to always use your own copy or at least, to follow and/or participate to your language translation – and to get in touch with your language editor as soon as you have a lot of waiting strings announced.

    Danish has no editor and was last updated 7 mounth ago. If interested to improve this, please read here.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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