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Need help integrating Suffusion>BP Pack>BP Album+ into existing music site…

  • First off, thank you all for this incredibly helpful support forum. :)

    I have a two part question and I think it could clear up a lot for people looking to integrate BuddyPress into an existing website. I’m trying to convert an existing music website into a networking site that allows artists to upload their audio files for members to hear and share. I’m using all the latest versions: WordPress 3.1.2, Suffusion 3.7.8, BuddyPress 1.2.8, BP Pack 1.02 and BP Album+, which from my understanding won’t have audio upload capabilities until the next version drops. I also have BP Media Component, which actually allows members to upload music and looks sharp when being used with BuddyPress alone. The problem is it doesn’t play too well with Suffusion. And after significant research, the method of creating a Suffusion Child Theme has by far emerged as the easiest and most future-proof way of incorporating existing styles into a BuddyPress format.

    So, my first question involves the best practices to use when transferring code from existing css and php files to a Suffusion Child Theme. I realize that in the “Custom Includes” section of Suffusion’s “Back End settings” I should be able to make all the style and functions changes I’ll need to make. But what code should and should not be included? Where is the best place to enter that code, i.e. Custom Styles, Custom PHP, Got JavaScript? In the “Child Themes” section, should I “Inherit Stylesheets” or not? Is there any formula that works best in order to produce the most future-proof site possible? I’m guessing the fewer imported styles and functions the more stable…

    My second question involves the ability for members to upload their own media. It’s great that Suffusion’s BP Pack comes with help integrating BP Album+, but I don’t believe the current version allows members to upload audio files (unless I’m missing something…). As I mentioned, BP Media Component works, but has anyone figured out how to make it play nice with Suffusion? Does anyone have suggestions for other media plugins I should try?

    Thank you all so much for helping me out!

    Cheers, Tim

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  • foxly



    Hi Tim!

    We deleted your cross-post on our Google Code site features list page, because we don’t want that page turning into a discussion forum. So don’t take it as us not wanting to answer your question or anything … :)

    First off, you’re talking about three different plugins by two different teams “Kaltura BuddyPress Media Component” is made by the India-based development firm rtCamp. It’s basically a WordPress front-end for Kaltura media server and the Kaltura content delivery network. You’ll have to contact them directly for help integrating their plugin.

    Our team handles BP-Album+ (our legacy plugin) and BP-Media (the next release of the plugin).

    BP-Album+ has very limited capabilities. It only handles image files, and it only lets users have one album. But, it’s also available *right now*, and is rock-solid stable. BP-Media will auto-upgrade BP-Album+ installations to BP-Media installations once complete.

    BP-Media 0.1.9 has an extremely powerful templating and CSS management system that allows it to integrate with almost any site. The *template* can actually set how BP-Media renders items, and the CSS styles they are assigned …amongst many other features.



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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