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Need help with a translation that don’t want to work

  • miguelcortereal


    I’m starting a new Buddypress community site.

    It will be in Portuguese, since there’s no pt_PT translation but only br_PT I’ve managed to make one.

    I’ve used poedit and the BuddyPress POT file supplied with the plugin at ../buddypress/bp-languages/buddypress.pot

    After the whole translation done I got two files buddypress-pt_PT with extension .mo and .po

    These files seem to be ok, however I’ve noticed that the number of entries from my translation (1118) are different from the number shown at Glotpress (1252). I recall that I’ve used the pot file supplied with fresh installation of Buddypress.

    Next step was to upload po and mo files to my server’s folder at …/wp-content/languages/
    Prior to all of this I had changed my wordpress install to Portuguese pt_PT by changing the file wp-config.php and upload a Portuguese version of WP.

    Wordpress is in Portuguese Buddypress plugin isn’t.

    What am I missing here? Where to look more?

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  • miguelcortereal



    Translation files name .mo and .po were starting with a capital letter, in my case was “…/Buddypress-pt_PT”, instead of “…/buddypress-pt_PT”.

    Working fine now.

    Regarding the number of entries, glotpress has is in a previous version than the one I’m using, since mine was updated from the latest pot.

    As soon as the site is done and revised I’ll be delivering this translation for the repository.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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