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Need help with customizing

  • I just finished building my Buddypress site. There are some additional things I want to do, but I don’t know how to do them.

    1. I do not want Buddypress’s “Name (required)” field to be editable. I installed S2Member, and created custom profile fields, and I was able to remove edit capabilities from them. However, members are still able to change that buddy press name field.

    2. I do not want my homepage to have a blog feel. I want it to be a regular home page that I put text/ pictures on.

    3. I would like a page dedicated to a member profile search. I want four search fields – First Name, Last Name, City, and State. I guess this would have to be tied into the S2Member plugin since I used it to add the additional profile fields First Name, Last Name, City, and State.

    4. I would like an additional Activity tab where members only post pictures and a small comment, unlike their activity/timeline where they post anything they wish.

    5. I would like the activity/timeline page to have a different color scheme than the rest of my site – white so that it’s easier on the eyes.

    Can any of you help with this?


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