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Need to pay for a consultation to answer some questions

  • theatereleven


    I just need to get on the phone/chat with someone who really knows BuddyPress 2.x.

    I’m experienced with WordPress, and build all of my sites on the Roots starter theme. However, this is my first BuddyPress installation, and as I’m designing the profile page, I’m realizing there are some things I need that I don’t know how to do.

    1) I need to know how to do PHP “if” “then” type statements in BuddyPress. Such as if an extended profile field isn’t filled out, then don’t show it on the page type stuff.

    2) I need to know how to pull data from a custom post type. I’m using the xprofile extender plugin, and it allows me to choose custom post types. However when a user chooses one, my code only prints the ID of the CPT. I don’t know how to specify a field.

    Basically, I’m really good at CSS and mild PHP for position custom fields or looping CPTs into a template. Beyond that, I’m in deep water.

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