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New assignment bug?

  • Thanks for a great plugin.

    I am running WPmu 3.01 with Buddypress and Courseware 0.1.2

    I have added course, but when i try to assign an assignment to the course, the drop-down box for the course is blank,

    The same problem presents itself when trying to add a new schedule.

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  • Stas Su?cov


    What do you mean, you are running WPMU 3.0.1?
    You are running BP on a secondary blog? I need more details!
    It works for me with latest WP and BP.

    I managed to sort the problem out.

    I had updated from the previous version of courseware to ver 0.1.2. I deleted the courseware and reinstalled ver 0.1.2

    Stas Su?cov


    Thanks for reporting back the results.

    It seems I spoke too soon.

    It works fine in an open group, but not in a hidden group. Please feel free to register with the site and I will give you access to a hidden group I have just created.

    It seems Courses created in one group are on the “New Assignment”, Course drop-down list in another group.

    Stas Su?cov


    No way, double checked now.

    Turn the European Learning Style in wp-admin, and check if the courses you see in `New Assignment` screen are not actually duplicates of other group courses that belong to current group. All the group Courses will be visible in `Courses` tab.

    Stas Su?cov


    ping @erbrown

    I upgraded to BuddyPress ScholarPress Courseware 0.1.3 and it is now working.

    Thank you

    GREAT plugin :D

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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