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New BP Chat plugin for Buddypress

  • Mark


    We’re working on a cool chat plugin for Buddypress since no one has released anything yet (not that we know of anyway).

    Here’s what the Buddypress Chat plugin offers your site:

    – Any user with an account can login and chat with other users that are online.

    – Each user can mark themselves as available or unavailable for chat

    – A new Chat menu item appears in the My Account menu of the navigation bar.

    – The menu takes users to a page where they can view who is currently available for chat.

    – The plugin checks the database to see which users were recently active. So when a user drops out of that list for inactivity then they no longer appear in the list of available users for chat until they become active on your site again.

    – Chatting with a user produces a small chat box at the bottom of the screen that stays in place even if someone scrolls the screen. Chat conversation is preserved across different pages on your site, so conversions are not interrupted while someone surfs various pages on your site.

    It’s in development. Now is the time to test it and give your opinion on features, layout, usability, etc. Go to the test site and sign up for an account, then you can try the chat if others are online to chat with. See the blog post for more info.

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