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New Feature: Exclusive Achievement ala MAYORSHIP

  • Mayorship of Foursquare is actually an event achievement given only to one person at any given time. The criteria here is the most number of checkins to a certain place. The actions/effects when an achievement has been unlocked, the previous mayor has been notified and stolen of that mayorship and the present mayor has been notified and awarded.

    In the context of Achievement, the logic of criteria can be programmed outside the Achievement i.e. third-party plugins. Meanwhile, the new feature for Achievement is that an achievement can only be achieved by one person. Thus, Achievement should do two separate actions [1] Notify the old mayor and remove achievements from records, profile [2] Notify the new mayor and add achievement to records, profile. And notification means, it is also added in the Activity Stream etc.

    The implementation I’m thinking is to add another field `is_exclusive`. And somewhere where adding `wp_achievements_unlocked` occurs, deletion happens first.

    It is also a nice to have a separate tab for Exclusive Achievements like “LEADERBOARD” or “MAYORSHIP”.

    Good Use of this Feature: To engage the users not just attaining achievements but grabbing the “Ultimate Achievement” or the top badge.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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