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New group members do not get the correct rights

  • Sven Lehnert


    In my setup, I use the Welcome Pack and join the members in my gtm groups automatically. All seems to work correctly.

    But now I recognized, that the group members do not get the rights to see the gtm system. I have to go to the gtm admin under “import all goup users” and press the button “import users”. After that they become the correct rights and become able to use the gtm system like I have configured in the “Default Global gtm rules” section.

    I have checked the ” Choose a default role for a new member of any group:” option. there is the correct rool set.

    Anny Idea? Thanks for your time, :)

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  • Thanks, @Svenl77
    I contacted @DJPaul, we will find the best solution.


    @svenl77 Are you using the Welcome Pack “WELCOME_PACK_AUTOACCEPT_INVITATIONS” setting? What happens if you invite a user to a group, and then, with that user, accept the group invitation? Does GTM still break?

    Sven Lehnert


    Hi @SlaFFik @djpaul,

    Thanks for the fast replay, yes I use “WELCOME_PACK_AUTOACCEPT_INVITATIONS” in the wp-config.php.

    I have done the testing you asked for.
    First I comment out the “WELCOME_PACK_AUTOACCEPT_INVITATIONS” in wp-config.php.
    next I created a new user.
    I logged in with the new created account and joined the group via invitation.

    Still the same Bug. I do not get the rights for gtm.

    Next step. I leaved the group and joined it again by clicking the “join group” button.
    All rights are set correct, I can see and use the gtm system.

    hope that helps :)

    Urgh. BuddyPress has a different code path for joining a group directly vs accepting an invitation. I’m rewriting welcome pack for bp 1.3 but that obviously won’t be ready until after 1.3 is out :)

    I think this is probably best addressed in core, but later I will see if there’s a bit you can put into functions.php as a workaround for now.

    Sven Lehnert


    Hi @djpaul, Did you find any workaround for now, or could you point me in the right direction, so I can try to find a solution for now. Sorry to bother you. I’m in need of it. Thanks a lot. Sven

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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