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New Idea for the Plugin.

  • Selu Vega


    Hi Boone, we are using a lot the plugin on our Social Network, and we are using for a bunch on groups and I was thinking that a great movement forward to make and extraordinary plugin should be the ability to change the name of the Tab, for example: If you have a RecipeĀ“s Group You can name the tab Recipes!!! And making easy to navigate for users.

    And a Second cuestion, if were easy, would be so nice to have a featured image if desired for making the order of them more visual!!!

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  • What are the other benefits of it apart from social networking. please specify that too.
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    As far as I noticed there’s already possibility to change the tab’s name of the DOCS in BP 1.5 (but only for all groups together – in wordpress dashboard settings) ,
    Feature image(icon) would be great , more descriptive , I have suggested icons in dropdown menu in the first column , on Boone was willing to think about the implementation , asked me to find some good GPL icons , I had no time to search for them to tell the truth and then I have forgotten :-( , but I will search for them ASAP because that feature will be very useful .
    take a look here :



    @bluelf , maybe you can try this code for the Recipe tab:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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