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New ideas and request 4 new features

  • Zigzag McQuack


    Hi MrMaz!

    Again, I want to thank you for the excellent work! I use your plug-in from version 0.1. We somehow seeking for one of the bugs in previous versions. If you remember?

    Today I have a few ideas to improve the plug-in. You can add it to improve BP Links:

    – Add a choice of sorting tape links by default.
    – Add a possibility to set the tags to the link.
    – Add a possibility of a substitution in the URL does not link title, and her ID.
    – Add a character count for the fields like in Twitter.
    – Correct the problem with automatic insertion of Cyrillic (Russian) text.
    – Correct the appearance of the widget links. It looks very sad. Previously, he completely copied form section Links.

    Sorry 4 my English. :-[

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  • glowstixx


    Here are a few more suggestions:
    – easy way to change labels and tab name (example: change tab and path to music, change page name from llink directory to music directory)
    – easy integration with things like sexybookmarks
    – links tab within groups

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