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“New Topics” MIA, but “Daily” and “All” show up.

  • Running WP 3.2.1 with BuddyPress 1.2.10, and your fantastic plugin 2.9.2. But no “New Topics” emails (what is a new topic anyways?. When users post under a new group, nothing shows up. Not true if I subscribe to “All”. Debugging with the fire “ass_daily_digest_fire” event triggers dailies beautifully. How to test “New Topics”?

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  • It works ;-) … BuddyPress can be confusing for the noob. Group updates, are not topics apparently! One needs to ensure that they’ve gone the full mile and run the Forums Setup to get Forums, and thus topics to appear to receive emails from.

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  • The topic ‘“New Topics” MIA, but “Daily” and “All” show up.’ is closed to new replies.
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