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New try to use gpress!!

  • Selu Vega


    Hi Mark, how you doing, im trying to use gpress on another website with buddypress, and Im very interested on people uploading places from frontend… everything seems to goes allright but the kind of place selection, its not showing nothing, obviously if you havenĀ“t got the type, you are not able to save the new place…

    have any suggestion? the website its if needs something i will provide you and admin and pass…


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  • Assuming you are using the new “gpress_place_submit” function (which still needs a lot of work) for front-end posting, the problem is more than likely due to language and post-types, where the available VARs are as follows:

    gpress_place_submit($gpress_post_type = ‘place’, $tax_or_cat = ‘tax’, $gpress_tax_type = ‘places’, $gpress_tag_type = ‘placed’, $gpress_post_status = ‘publish’, $gpress_must_be_logged_in = true, $gpress_no_map_message = true, $required_user_level = 10)

    The first VAR indicates the post_type in use, which you will need to change to the translated one you are using. Hope to have this resolved in the next version to automatically use the one that the site is using, but for now, it can at least be fixed…

    Selu Vega


    should I translate all VAR? or just place, cause I tried and Its not working!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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