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new version of plugin

  • Dwenaus


    I’ve just uploaded a new version of the group tags plugin with an all new back end admin. You can control how the tag cloud is displayed on the group directory pages and single group header. Also you can customize the tag cloud itself: the largest and smallest size, the number of tags, the sort order and separator.

    Other small enhances were made as well such as fixing the blank entry in the admin menu bar, and removing single quotes from tags so they work.

    If you like it please rate it :)

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  • preacherboy86


    Great plugin! I’m busily adding tags to my groups.

    One feature that seems broken in my version (which is the latest: 1.4.5) is the “Click to add common tags” portion. When I click on previously used tags to be incorporated into an existing group, nothing happens.

    Granted, I can just type this in manually, so no big deal. However, it would be a great time saver to have this working.

    Thanks again for an simple, yet awesome plugin!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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