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Newbie having problems with first installation

  • Hi,
    Just installed Courseware on local and realised that Assignments functionality have a bug that makes impossible to create any. As I try to validate an Assignment it invalidates the “Due date” and “Linked lecture” cases and send a message of “Please fill in all the fields”.

    Could you help me to fixe this? I’m willing to use this plugin but I can’t even start to practice with it.


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  • byrontik


    that is strange, it doesn’t do that at mine, can you describe exactly when this happens in steps, when it does and doesn’t happen, are you getting the error as a teacher or as a student?
    which theme you have running also, and browser, I skip the due date myself so i don’t use it, but i can test if I get the same issue.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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