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News about development

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  • Zigzag McQuack


    Somebody, any news?

    Boone Gorges


    No need to post in multiple topics with the same question.

    According to @aekeron ( he’s been too busy to tend to the plugin. So yes, in a manner of speaking, it’s probably dead – or at least it’s not going to be updated anymore unless some kind developer takes over.

    There is a high likelihood that I personally will need functionality like this for a big project of mine, and that I’ll be developing something in the first month or two of 2011. I’ll probably write much of it from scratch (I want to use custom post types and be MS-independent) but I will probably also steal some of the frontend stuff from the existing plugin.

    Zigzag McQuack


    Sorry, 4 multiple topics. And thx for answer.



    @boonebgorges @zigzag
    Looks like @Aekeron is back!

    D Cartwright


    I am for the time being yes. I don’t want to make any promises about future development but at the moment I have a bit of time to work on things :)

    This is often the trouble with important third party plug-ins: only one contributor and not enough donations. Meanwhile I suspect that, with 1 million users and corporate sponsors, probably has significant support. Meanwhile the noncommercial users, and startup commercial users, would be spreading themselves thin to donate significantly to the main open source project AND also to every theme and plug-in they use. This rather erases the “bargain” nature of using open source software.

    I am planning to start a WordPress site soon to address this problem at (not yet active). This will encourage everyone using an open source CMS to donate at least $1 annually to the primary project, and at least $10 annually to under-supported plug-ins such as BP-Wiki. In exchange, CMSfreeware will give a free promotional blogsite, where each member can post advertising links to his own WP installation, for visitors and search engines. Meanwhile we all contribute to a how-to tutorial WIKI guide for installing and developing our favorite CMS’s and plug-ins.

    I.e., members of will be asked to set up annual auto-payements for their favorite open source sofwares and plug-ins–and will be encouraged to give the lion’s share to important and under-funded plug-ins. In exchange, members will receive a free secondary website for promoting their own website.

    Of course, I can make no promises about how popular (or not) my idea might become. Meanwhile, like any developer, I don’t mind using “themes” that might suddenly not work, but need to choose a wiki that has substantial liklihood to remain supported. I.e., difficult for serious developers to choose a plug-in that might not remain supported, meanwhile difficult for contributors to support a plug-in that is not receiving adequate donations. A classic Catch-22 situation.

    Perhaps another goal for can be to advertise for other contributors to partner with Mr. Cartwright. With two or three contributing programmers, the ice is broken. Developers can then feel confident that the plug-in will remain supported. Meanwhile less pressure for one person to maintain the plug-in. Also less donation money per person, perhaps. However I would suggest they divvy this up depending on “who gets to it first.” I.e., Mr. Cartwright as senior contributor gets first pick at any work needed–and only if he is busy, someone else picks up the job.

    Please let me know, Mr. Cartwright or anyone, if you like this idea? Thank you.



    Boone has been working on a totally new wiki/docs plugin that is going to be great. I’m not sure it’s exactly realdy for even alpha yet, but stay tuned for good things to come.

    @krystofo An interesting idea for a solution to this very real problem where reliance on plugins for providing the functionality necessary is both a boon and a drawback. Plugins were a great concept for WP but WP is less reliant on them, it fulfills it’s purpose satisfactorily without any whereas BP tends to need them to create that finished site.

    The whole nature of the GPL and ‘Free’ work becomes hugely problematic and developers being expected to pour huge amounts of coding time into work ‘given’ away without being able to get even a meager recompense a little sad and definitely not encouraging. To think what some of the bigger better plugins could have made if only half of those 4000 downloaders simply donated 1 dollar, it would make all the difference to the developer and small change for the user downloading that plugin

    D Cartwright


    I would definitely keep an eye on Boone’s buddypress-docs plugin. As I’ve stated on Namoo, I am hoping that BPDocs will completely replace any need for bp-wiki.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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