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No Line Breaks in the Welcome Email

  • contempoweb



    I am using version 3.3 of the Welcome Pack on a WP 3.3.1 site.

    My issue is that the welcome email’s content is all cluttered. There are no line breaks, so it is just one large block of text.

    In the welcome email settings in my admin area the content does have line breaks.

    Why is that happening?

    All other emails sent out by the plugin arrives correctly formatted.


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  • Are you referring to the email generated by the “welcome message” feature, rather than the email customisation?



    I have this same problem. the answer is yes, the welcome message is what he means. I added a mini FAQ to my welcome message and it is all one block when received.

    I couldn’t recreate this at the time, I believe. Are you viewing the email on a windows or a mac? (no idea if it would make a difference but I don’t have many ideas)



    Anything further on this? Here is what my email lloks like:

    Bill sent you a new message:
    Subject: Welcome to Craft Show Insiders
    “Congratulations! Your Craft Show Insiders membership is now active. Here are 4 simple things you can do to get started: 1. Join a group of fellow crafters who work in the same medium as you. Just click on the Groups tab. (If you feel like your medium isn’t represented, let me know and we’ll take a look.). 2. Add a profile photo. You can upload a photo to replace the default avatar. Just go to your Member profile page and click on Avatar. 3. Add Content! Whether it’s in the group forum or the sitewide forums, the content the members add is what will make the site a success. Add a topic today! 4. Invite your fellow crafters friends to join you. 5. Tell your Twitter followers you just signed up: Thanks! Bill Craft Show Insiders A network for crafters exhibiting at craft shows, art fairs and art festivals. Info on best craft shows, call for artists nationwide. ”
    To view and read your messages please log in and visit:
    To disable these notifications please log in and go to:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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